The magical liquid crystals for hair

Image:© Springoz / Fotolia

The liquid crystals for hair are very suitable product for dry, dye and weak hairs. They protect hair by perm or straightening.

They give hair healthy look and shine. The crystals are recommended for all type of extensions as they do not fat naturally and need of supplementary feeding.

They help for easier brush of hair. Apply on wet hair before dry or other thermal treatment.

  1. They are not recommended for fatty or quick oily hairs.
  2. For hair with dry ends and oily radix can be apply 1-2 drops only on the ends.

The crystals are applies on drain but still wet hair. As 2-3 drops are rub in the hands and after that is apply on all length of the hair but without radix. If the hair is very dry you can again apply 1-2 drops after dry.

They are recommended to use of girls with dry and difficult brush up hair. But in any case should not go overboard with them because they grease in large quantities in hair becomes oily and bad looking.



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