Stylish and topical hairstyles for long hair

Image: © yuriyzhuravov / Fotolia

With a little bit fantasy and long hair will receive a great final result, namely elegant and fresh hairstyle.

Through this year fashion hairstyles are those that give natural look of you hair. Long flowing hair that are scattered on the shoulders and back as a beautiful waterfall are pleasing to the eyes. For formal occasions at the moment are topical feminine and simple hairstyles.

To create daily hairstyle that captivates with its soft negligence should brush the wet hair with large comb and then dry like regularly shag the hair in roots.

At the end of each lock of hair applying wax to the hair not project like a broom. If you want your hair to look dynamic as final touch you can put the hand on top of your head, holding the hair at the roots. Direct the hairdryer so that the air flow to be directed to the back of the head.

Slight wave are achieved easily-wind gently dry with help of towel hair on knot and dry with hairdryer.  Then unwind knot. If you make several knots the hairstyle will be more volume.

If you dream for waves as the coat of small lamb, knit the wet hair to a small braids , dry them well and then unweave. To add a romantic image is benefit and other trick – wind small braids only by temples. The left hair wind on knot. After dry unweave and unwind.

If you want braid that looks negligent shag, separate the hair on three parts. Start to interweave a classical  braid as twist side locks one by one with the middle lock.

After two twist separate one of side lock in two parts .Leave the final lock of hair and intertwined internal with average. Then do the same with the other side-lock of.

After several overlapping side again divide into two strands and use for braid only their internal parts. The result is beautifully tousled braid, which is made unruly tresses.

Original hairstyle for every day is tail-braid. Make three tails one by one and make a braid. The other variant is each tail to device on three locks of hair and make a braid.

If you go to wedding or reception, not necessarily to make a bun with strands falling from it.  At the moment hit in official hairstyles is tied high ponytail. Elastic is covered up with a lock of your own hair.

Variant of this hairstyle is device tail of strands. Some of them are leave free and the others chaotic or a tiered attached to the base

Unusual, but very feminine hairstyle is fake tail. Here is not about hairpieces. Wrap hair rollers or curling iron and divide by two. With clips attach locks to the rear so as to obtain a tail, but no band.

Magnificent look are and raised and chaotic fixed large waves. So that open wonderful view to the neck and falling curls add softness and femininity.



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