Strengthen Hair with Botox

Image:© gromovataya / Fotolia

Not only to smooth wrinkles using Botox, but it is also used in procedures for revitalizing hair. At the end of the summer for damaged hair from the sea is very useful innovative treatment with botox, based on 100% natural collagen.

“The botox is deep penetrates in hair structure and reconstruct damaging sections. The effect is feeling immediately and it is lasting“ discover the stylists.

Some salons are apply it like serum. Reconstructive action of the procedure is owe of active molecule extracted from glass which has ability to harden the heart of the hair, thus recreate and reconstruct its inner structure.

Miracle serum form  glassy lattice by contact with water, as thereby  seal damaged areas. After treatment with botox hair is restored, its surface is smooth and shiny.


The treatment with botox is based on 100 % natural collagen and it is apply in 3 months. This method is very popular in Spain.

The reason for deep damage of the hair can be different –mechanical damage of hair by brush, chemical damage of aggressive dye or discoloration of hair…

The botox as a serum is apply on clean and wet hair with rubbing by length of hair. Over the serum is applied fixative which leaves to work 5 minutes and then rinse. The result of filling therapy is for 10 washing with shampoo.



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