Silicon cosmetic for hair

Image:© darkfreya / Fotolia

Silicone is hard going in cosmetics. The market now has a silicone mask and silicone drops to nourish the hair. They are so called because their members actually comes natural silicone. Moreover, silicone cosmetics containing water, methanol, cetrimonium chloride, polikvaternium-7, lanolin, lactic acid, dimethicone, methyl paraben, propiparaben supplements, rosemary extract, green tea, aloe, vitamins A and E.

The purpose action of silicone cosmetic is consist of that covert every hair with protection film that sleek damaged areas and protect it of further damages.

The sequence of action in the use of silicone hair mask is simple – a small amount of medium is applied to clean, dry hair. It is desirable before using the mask to dry hair naturally, without the hot air from the dryer. Once you apply with massage movements should leave it to act for 5-10 minutes, and then to wash off with warm water.

Silicone cosmetic is appropriate for all type of hair and scalp and it is recommended to apply twice a week.

It is important to obtain a good effect it can be combined with a quality shampoo suitable for the hair type.
And after all the benefits that we listed, we should note that cosmetic has one drawback – because silicone it has a specific scent.




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