Short hair- Quick hairstyles

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For thin hair

One way to get voluminous hair is to use foam that gives volume. If you dry out hair with appropriate product will get the effect of “ natural ruffling “. Once you comb hair and dry out, so you get the desired shape utilize foam or gel volume to form the ends of the hair. Point the tips of where you want it and get a similar to picture form. Once shape the hair, do not comb to prevent hair clumped and not spoil already received shape.


When you want to sleek the curls

If you use the right approach should know that processing of hair is doing till it is wet. Apply on the hair fixing device as you choose a brush with soft teeth and begin to comb hair in direction from roots to shoulders as slight tensioning. This hairstyle reminds shape of 60-th. Once applied fixative and combing, dry out slowly the hair with hairdryer.


Fixingan expression of individuality


Absolutely every hairstyle can be freshening if you leave some time to fixing only tips of hair in different direction. Create a mood for the day or feast with a completely new view. Do not miss the opportunity to give volume, playfulness and shine of hair. If you want to take advantage of grandmothers advices how to make your hair shiny or can set on more modern wave, because some companies offer cosmetic products that create additional shine with their application.


The effect “wet hair“

Those of you that have short hair can get the desired effect with help of special gel for creating “wet effect“. There are and foams that create impression for wet hair but the experts recommend gel. For ladies with longer hair is recommended to pre-formed wavy hair with hairpins and then to arranged strands as collecting them on ponytail or forming bun. For shaping of such “S“ shaped waves helps brushing with a comb with very large teeth.




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