New technology to treat hair

Image:© Alena Ozerova/ Fotolia

Image:© Alena Ozerova/ Fotolia

To restore and to give previous vitality to the hair now has new technology and that is treatment with fire. It turns out that after lamination and several similar procedures are almost impossible to invent something new cardinal, but perfection has no limits. A new procedure, which is responsible for hair care get the name Fire Cut.

During this procedure, the hair is subjected to a fire. With his help hair is scorch, thus achieving the effect of recovery. At first sight the procedure looks pretty scary but let’s not rushes to conclusions. It’s not really that scary.

The procedure consists in the interaction of an open fire with hair. While it takes less than a minute and a half. Under the guidance of professional hair does not become damaged. Moreover, the first treatment hair will look like a million.

Naturally, hair is processed in advance by means of one of the luxury professional brands for hairdressing and then goes to the essential part.

So to start hair and scalp should be deep cleaned. In fact, this procedure is standard. While hairdresser washes your hair makes a gentle massage. Such a procedure not only has a healing effect, but also helps to relax.

Then apply a mask. It is chosen according to the type of hair and contains nutrients, proteins, which add shine and natural beauty of the hair. After the preparation stage can proceed to the basic procedure – burns.

Scorching done using a small torch, representing the rod around which is wrapped cotton. This torch is immersed in alcohol and ignited. And most interesting … Hair begins to scorch the entire length and all. This enables the nutrient from the mask faster and more deeply absorb in the hair under the influence of heat. After scorching the ends to prevent further split applied preparation in composition which includes many beneficial ingredients.

The final stage – drying and styling. Hair mask is applied again and after a few minutes, rinse with warm water, then your hair will be rinsed with cold.



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