Indian masks magnificent hair

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The hair and hairstyle are very important for a lady. Indian women are using the best balm for hair that makes hair health and shiny- henna. It turns the hair in shiny, softness and strengthens the roots.

You can use not only henna that dye hair in black and red but and colorless henna that is sold in pharmacy and it is benefit for hair.


Ancient Indian hair mask requires mixing four tablespoons of henna with two tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of cottage cheese, two raw eggs.

Apply the thick texture on the hair and wrap it with thick towel. Wash the hair with shampoo after 40 minutes. Conditioner is not necessary.

Indian women are using the essential oils that have great features. If you have fatty hair you will need rosemary oil. The wet will hold with help of wheat germ oil, and the dandruff will disappear with the help of sandalwood.

The hair grow fast if stimulate it with oil of Ylang-ylang. After dye of hair she will quick restore with procedures with almond oil.

To be shiny your hair make the follow mask. Add four drops of essential oil by your choice to four tablespoon olive oil. Apply the texture on hair and wrap the head with thick towel for four hours. Wash with shampoo. You can add twenty drops essential oil to a hundred milliliters shampoo and you will always have shiny and thick hair.

Indian beauty drain the wet of right now washed hair only with silk scarf. They know that the silk gives sophisticated sparkle.



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