How hair to get volume?

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Every woman is striving to have flawless hairstyle. Here are some advices how to get more volume and attractiveness to her hairstyle.

  1. Do not wash hair every day. That will remove natural and helpful fats and even it will get thinner. Reduce washing of hair to two-three times a week. Hairdressers recommend do not wash hair in a day when you think to make special hairstyle. It is appropriate to do that previous evening, but not immediately before styling hair.
  2. If you drying your hair with hairdryer can try to shag hair and even to turn your head in different directions till drying. Probably you think that is strange but these movements will lift the hair from roots. Moreover always use cosmetic products that are designed for add volume and strength. Apply these products (hairspray or foam) in roots or where you think that is necessary more volume.
  3. When you straightening hair, do not make only with movements on down. This is contraindicated because that will reduce airy of hair. Instead that takes a lock and tries to straightening it to up- from root to top. That will give it desired look.
  4. There have methods which can give volume to hairstyle without buying cosmetics. All that you are need is rubber band for hair. In the evening before go to bed collect the hair and tied it just on top of the head. When you awake in the next morning it will has more volume than usual. Do not tight too much rubber band because this can be painful and damage hair. Do not forget that this method is using only when the hair is dry, if it is wet you will receive unwanted shapes and folds.

In addition hairdressers’ advice to choose very carefully rubber bands for hair. For described methods they need to be “dressed“, i.e. not thin rubber bands which have much hair after their removal, and larger and softer. Comb your hair every day, several times, starting from natural roots, but do not go down and up along the hair. That also gives more volume.

Avoid too often usage of press and curling irons. This cause damages to hair which are hard repair.


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