Help for hair in hair loss

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When start to fall more hair from head that has become a serious concern. And by the time it starts becoming more obvious to notice will probably ask yourself what you get.

The causes of hair loss can be different, such as hormonal disorders, genetic predisposition, decreased immunity, internal diseases, infectious diseases of the scalp, the impact of aggressive external factors, insufficient blood supply to the hair roots and scalp, stress and so etc.

Basic methods to remove the causes of hair loss
Most basic error in each therapy is the treatment of the symptoms. Symptoms only direct to the disease and its consequences. The key is to find the cause of the problem. This applies in full force and loss.

The complexity is consisting in this that the hair start falls in a few months after experienced stress. It is complicated enough to connect hair loss with a certain mental load or stress in your life. However, you need to try to eradicate the cause.

For example, such a stress on the body can be obtained from the medication. In this case, to remove the cause should be consulted with a specialist for a change of medication with less intrusive.

If you have, for example, diseases of the scalp, the different nourishing masks do not help. Your hair will continue to fall until cure the disease.

If you wear heavy winter hat, it can break the blood circulation of the scalp and therefore hair loss starts. To eliminate this reason just change the heavy cap with a lighter or use the hood.

If the cause is removed, you should care about the restoration of hair growth. Here are some useful recommendations that may help:
Oil nourishing masks. It is no secret that burdock oil and castor oil prevent hair loss. Rub into the scalp oil, cover with a shower cap for half an hour and then rinse well. To achieve optimal effect it is recommended to take from a pharmacy and vitamin B capsules.

Massage the scalp. Massage improves circulation. The blood supply to the follicles vitamins and nutrients therefore it is important to circulate properly and supply the skin cells. During washing do massage with fingers.
Mask with dairy products. All dairy products are rich in vitamin C, which is so necessary for hair growth, so once a week can do a mask with milk.

Shampoo against hair loss

You can use special shampoos for washing the head. A modern manufacturer of cosmetics offers a large selection of conditioners, shampoos and even complexes for the treatment of hair loss.
You should not comb wet hair. Try to reduce to minimum use of styling tools, hairdryer, press and hair curlers.

Appropriate nutrition

It is very important if you suffer from hair loss. Try to eat more products that contain vitamin B (peas, rabbit, lamb, cereals) and vitamin C (citrus fruits, kiwi). If the cause of hair loss be a hormonal disorder, it is just necessary to eat so as to restore normal hormonal balance


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