Harmful myths for hair

Image:© yuriyzhuravov / Fotolia

Image:© yuriyzhuravov / Fotolia

Hair is jewel of every woman. To be healthy and beautiful  is necessary  systemic care. However there have a lot of myths that put into a question the proper care for hair. Errors associated with maintaining the healthy look of your hair are a lot, but here are the most common:

–          If you  cut  hair every month accelerate growth and improves health of hair.

This statement is more than absurd because the hair is grow from the root and the speed of growth is depend of physiological factors and not by scissors.

–           Split ends are repairable

It will be good but no cure for split ends of hair except their cut. It should be done immediately after you see them because if you wait split will goes up.

–           Tight hats lead to baldness.

Except to damage structure of hair and cause split there is no other negative effect of wearing hat.

Myths which are harmful for hair

-Cut your hair in full moon to be more beautiful and healthy

It is true that between moon phases and womens physiology has interrelationship but there is nothing common with health of hair.  Whether you will cut hair in full moon or a day later there is no any difference.

–           Brush your hair several times a day.

Totally wrong for strength of hair and scalp. How much you brush up your hair that much will damage structure of hair and accelerate split. It enough to comb your hair carefully once a day and then styling with hands.

–           If you pick out one grey hair will appear two grey hairs on its place

Another myth, in which many of us believe internally, although that they are realizing there is not the slightest logic in this statement.

–           Baldness is inherited from the mother.

If your gene brings baldness do not  blame only your mother for this. Hair type is inherited from both sides – both maternal and paternal. For male hair loss usually starts at 18 to 20’s, and in women – between 45 and 55`th year.

-Dry scalp means dandruff.

Both conditions have nothing common. The dry scalp is easy healing with proper shampoo and balms till for remove dandruff sometimes is necessary special consultation with expert.


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