Hairstyle and it’s accompany mistakes

Image:© z3zo / Fotolia

Hairstyle is basic element of complete vision of a woman. Someone are happy to have so to say “personal hairdresser“ where going for years and which makes them ever the same hairstyle. But not bad to look at what makes coiffeur and to consider whether the favorite hairstyle is suitable to them.

Leading French hairdressers say the most common mistake when choosing a hairstyle is bad fictional bangs. Many women prefer a long and thin bang which is broke in two and gives the face an expression characteristic of cocker spaniels.

Many women wear very short bangs like Joan of Arc, which make the face with coarse features and make it square. Torn bangs that are modern are good only for young girls.

According top coiffeur perfect bangs dense and smooth.

The second group error as masters of scissors is shaven neck, which is suitable only for men. And when it is combined with the Bob the result is awful.

Gross error is selecting too bright color hair. Platinum-white, carrot, blue-black has no place on the head of an elegant lady. They give the appearance of plastic hair wig and look good with body and face of a teenager.

Perm applied to very short hair is also a terrible mistake. In most cases the effect is produced by sheep fur, indicating that the lady with a similar hairstyle complete lack of taste. Short hair should be curled in waves rather than small ruffles.

Stork clip type, which many women wear their hair to attach thus bun, according top coiffeur is suitable only for clipping the hair while swimming or sunbathing, and while doing chores.

They say to use a clip Stork in front people is lack of any taste. They used to offer beautiful and stylish hair pins, made of precious metal, bone or skin.


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