Hair conceals defects

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When choosing a hairstyle it is very important to comply with the features of face. She can radically change the face to hide flaws and highlight its advantages.

We suggest you choose the best style for you, depending on the type of your face and of course to hide some flaws.

For different types of faces there are different suitable hairstyles and whatever you like some haircut there is no guarantee that you will look well with her if you do not estimate your shape of face.

After that you should comply with type of the hair whether it is thin or thick, curly or straight.

The other important condition in choice of hairstyle is to comply with fashion trends.

There can be count more other factors with which you should comply with in choice of hairstyle but in this publication we will stop on shape of nose-this seemingly not so important detail of the face.

It is amazing how cleverly chosen hairstyle can completely change the face and nose is that part of it which are most conspicuous.

Long nose is the best match with volume haircut with long thick bangs. The purpose of this hairstyle is to make proportions of the face more harmony like respectively shorten nose.

Most inappropriate hairstyle for face with long nose is open forehead and clinging smooth hair with sliced edges.

To snub-nosed ladies most suitable hairstyle is held high and open brow hairstyle without bangs. Most inappropriate volume is put short hair to ears line and cut in layers. This hairstyle optical shrinks face and snub-nose does not look good.

Most suitable for women with big noses are hairstyles with open face, because when most of the face is detected, visually elongate the face and nose look narrower.

If your eyes are close associates to each other i.e. you have a thin nose in its base for you is not suitable short sleek hair with open forehead.

Visual proportions of your face will be better balanced if you do curls. More volume of hairstyle will attract the eyes to hair and thus ratio face – hair will benefit the hair, which the person will be harmonious. This visual distance between the eyes would widen.

If your nose is wider in upper part and your eyes are on bigger distance from each other for you is suitable magnificently, volume hairstyle with bangs and locks that covered a part of your cheeks.

This hairstyle will visually shrink your face and the bigger distance between your eyes will be shorten and you will look great.

Similarly to closer eyes and for distances eyes are not suitable short sleek hairstyles with open face.


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