Great hair masks from around the world

Image: © iryf/ Fotolia

Hair masks are very large range, using various gifts from mother nature. Here are some of them:

Avocado Mask
Avocado Mask is made extremely easy. But there is a magical action, makes hair thicker, luscious, obedient and hydrated.
Take half an avocado, grate it to a homogeneous mass. Mix it with two egg yolks. Apply to hair for 15 minutes and wash.


Mask of cocoa butter and coconut
This is an amazing mask from Brazil, which makes hair shiny and healthy. Apply cocoa butter to the hair for 20 minutes then wash with water with coconut.


Aloe Mask
The lladies in Argentina relied on aloe for their beauty. This plant contains many vitamins. Apply it as a means for body and hair care, and also for healing purposes. Add aloe juice directly to the shampoo or use the juice as mask for scalp.


Recipe for beautiful hair from Mexico
Mexican beauties never dry their hair with a hairdryer. There for their beauty and health using gelatin. They mix it with water and apple vinegar and leave the mixture on hair for about 30 minutes. After such a mask hair shines perfectly.


Mask of cactus used in Jamaica
It is believed that this mask can revitalize damaged hair.


In Canada, recommended to wash your hair with cold water
Stylists share the opinion that the hot water damage hair, making it thin and tear-off. However, water should not be ice cold.


Here’s what they do in Ireland for shiny hair
There women think that washing the head with rain water is very beneficial for the scalp, and also for its brilliance.


Chamomile mask did offer from Scotland
It is sufficient to take chamomile, to boiled it, strained and then wash your hair.


Germans are known for their love of beer
Of course there is nothing surprising in the fact that they were invent to wash their hair with beer.


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