Fashion trend for summer season flower in hair

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To be up to date with fashion trends arrange your hairstyle with a beautiful flower. Except in clothing you can induce summer and in your hair as intertwined in them someone big or smaller flower advised fashion hairdressers in England.

There are a lot of variants- it can be natural flower of daisy and chrysanthemum, but is also appropriate any decorative artificial flower as are available in women’s accessory shops galore. Important steps to be harmonious with warm summer day are two – flower should carefully correspond to your outfit and overall look and also to your inner mood.

Flower in hair is summer hit in hairstyles

Summer is time or holiday, relax and fresh mood and what more suitable for that of floral motifs in clothing and hairstyles. Colored accessories for hair are excellent way to synchronic your outfit in warm months with minimum efforts. Here are some advices from english hairdressers and stylists about that how can easy and help yourself to intertwined flower in hair and to make others look after you:

One way is to device two locks of hair from one side of head. Ensure smaller lock with a proper pin so it will not interfere while you knit a bigger in tight braid. Finish the braid somewhere on neck level and tied it with small rubber.

Catch the smaller locks of hair and with help of rubber band with a big decorative flower tie them together almost in base of the hair. Be careful should not be too tight-it should look a little bit freely and slightly loose. Repeat the same procedure somewhere down the braid, but use smaller and casual flower.

Other variant is to put in hair only one big chrysanthemum- can be natural or artificial, according by your wish. In shops have all colors and size but for summer months are more appropriate light and warm tones- forget about heavy colors like black, brown and red.

Usually artificial floral accessories for hair are available with pin which can easy fix on desired place. Do not afraid to experiment. Try to twist flower like natural continuing of hair for maximum effect.


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