Facing the autumn with a new hairstyle

Image: © yuriyzhuravov / Fotolia

Soon we will meet the autumn season and not what it is, but with a new hairstyle. Leader in autumn trimester seems once again to be the “layers”. Perfect time for a change, by which hair is elegantly layered, and also to be removed burnt edges – be it from the summer rays or treatment with presses, curling tongs and various other technologies to lure the male gaze in the summer. Standard and traditional hairstyle but always relevant. It suits almost any type of hair, and brings diversity, which is always highly wanted by the ladies team.

No less preferred hairstyle in the autumn is lowered ethereal hair. It can be described in three words – shiny, smooth and straight. Using a straightening balm, several pins for separation, comb and serum for shine – damaged from summer heat hair becomes unimagined heights and features one uncharacteristic innovation, despite the seemingly simple technology to achieve it.

Do not lose positions and traditional bun – type ballerina. This styling is done on dry hair. The best is to not wash hair at least a day to get a successful effect. Before you raise your hair, you can do so loved and adored by many women – “waffles” with the press. Then raise hair in high ponytail as previously sprayed it with spray fixation. Then wrap the tail, and a finale with mounting with pins. This type of hairstyle is suitable for every day and also for more important and responsible event.

Fresh proposal which can complement the variety of hairstyles, is so-called “half raised hair.” Again the hair should be dry, inject spray for volume at the base or foam with fixed effects. Use hair dryer after application to maximize good volume. Get to comb locks on the front of the head, comb to back and carefully secured with hairpins. The hair that is pulled back should to cover the upper part of the head. We conclude with a spray shine. Exceptionally suitable, beautiful and cool style for fall. Emits very feminine, revealing a very genuine charm and seduction. Warranty of style and grace!

One thing is recommended by all the leading names in the business with scissors and comb – “Leave the hair to grow”. It’s time now for the longer hair, smooth shaggy curls and gossamer released straight locks. It does not matter if you hair is curl or straight, ladies do not shorten the length of your excess hair only exhausted edges or flowering tops. This will be analyzed from every man, because as you all know, they like to push their fingers lightly on your hair, showing your affection and adoration.

Do not be afraid to experiment in the fall – now is the time for a new stunning styling changes and a fresh modern look breathtaking!


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