Do not wear permanently hair tied

Image:© koji6aca / Fotolia

The accessories for hair are in very wide range.Barrettes, clips, and bands that are really beautiful and owners of long hairs are happy to use them for a variety of hairstyles. Very often, however, the constant wearing of such accessories has led to the deterioration of the health of the hair.

The barrettes are used in Ancient Egypt and this passion to hair accessories is develop with the history till today.

When look at to present offers you will immediately realize that a lot of these products are made by rough materials and not enough precisely. The specialists in hair care warn that products with low quality often are the reason for deterioration in the appearance of hair.

The barrettes ( pins)

As the professionals says without metal pins do not makes any one evening hairstyle of long hair. Moreover there are many everyday hairstyles where the pins act as fixing agents. However frequent contact of the metal with skin of the head and stretched hair can strip your hair of her glamour and beauty.

The rubber band for hair

The rubbers for hair pretty quickly crack. But still appear suitable, although tiny cracks that have formed on their surface and can often lead to hair breakage.



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