Care for hair in winter

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The hair is exposed on extreme conditions in winter. Although it is easiest to blame cold weather for problems with hair the reasons for that are not only outside factors. Each extreme temperature can be destroyed. In winter both warmed rooms and outside cold take a wet from the hair and help to dry it and for its fragility.

Instead to wait winter come and then to start appropriate care for hair is good to begin with earlier prevention.

The first is nice hairstyle and dye ( if you do that). Take care for hair like you care for your nails for example. Apply every day moisturizer on the edges and in the middle of hair, hold for several minutes and then wash. Sebaceous glands

that are on the head, hold a roots enough moist that is why it is not necessary to apply anything on that zone.

Use a heavy and greasy moisturizing mask once a week. Apply a big quantity of conditioner, wrap your head in a towel and leave for ten minutes. This will create a moist environment and allow the conditioner to penetrate in deep.

For fixation of the hair use one or two drops of serum on the basis of silicone – it helps to get a protective coating and at the same time well nourishes the hair.

Accessories for head and hair
While wearing a winter hat protects against a lot of trouble and illness, this is not good favor for hair. Not wearing the right hat can lead to increased action of the sebaceous glands, resulting in permanent hair looks dirty and greasy.

So you should choose the right hat (it should not be tight) and if it is woolen regularly clean it at home or at the dry cleaners.


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