Appropriate brush for our hair

Image:© darkfreya / Fotolia

Image:© darkfreya / Fotolia

Classical comb is the most used device for brush up hair. Probably each of us has two- three combs. The classical combs for brush up are various materials and amount and size of teeth.

The most preferred are these of wood. Here of course we should underline that the comb should be qualified, should not have micro cracks which can damage hair.

Wooden comb is universal. It is appropriate for every day use and for applying masks, moreover it does not electrify hair. There is left only to choose the frequency of teeth and bravely trust it.

For thicker hair is recommended to choose comb with bigger and rare teeth (it is very comfortable for brush up wet hair), for thinner hair is suitable comb with smaller and concentrated teeth.

Next variant is plastic tool for comb. Most experts treat them fairly reserved and offered to stop on carbon or silicon (though as it turns out is quite hard to find). They claim that plastic leads to thinning and breakage of hair.

They are agree with that most harmful for hair are metal combs and brushes. Metal combs can be used but very rarely and only for separating the hair strands . In daily usage they make hair weak and with braking ends and also can traumatize the scalp. The most safely is does not use them .

The artificial means for brush up are usually with plastic or metal teeth that have on tops rubber plugs which is prevent the scalp. They are not harmful, they are comfortable but there is nothing more appropriate for your hair of natural brushes. And they cost every spent dollar.

Natural brush has instead teeth natural bristle. It is not for brush up twisted hair and knots but it is perfect for massage and aroma brush.

The brush with natural hair distributes skin fat by all surface of hair and that is makes it more shiny and soft. But it has got one important minus- such brush is cleaning very, very difficult.

As well is good to stop on combined brush that has natural hair and artificial teeth.

All described by now means are for brush up and if you want to styling there have special brushes which are round and you can use them in combination with hairdryer.


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