Apple vinegar for silky hair

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To be your hair like silk soft and shiny vinegar will help . Contrary to popular belief, the vinegar leaves no smell on your hair after use. Allow hair to dry and there is no hint of sour smell.

The biggest benefit has of apple vinegar that is contain special enzymes- a chains connected between there selves protein molecules and expect that it is rich of probiotics.

Vinegar that contain such substances should not be heated as like this is more beneficial for hair. The vinegar will help you to say good by to encrustation, that leave on you hair after the usage of different polishing and foam for hair.

Vinegar for healthy hair

The vinegar will make your hair soft like silk and easy to brush. In depends o type of your hair you should to rinse it with vinegar solution one to three times a week.

The vinegar can cause dryness so it is better first to use conditioner and then rinse the hair with water to which you added a little vinegar.

The ratio is one part water to three parts vinegar. Do not use hot water because your scalp will fall straight.

With vinegars help you can remove dirt from combs and brushes. Remove the hair from brush or comb and put it in bowl with solution of water and vinegar in ratio one to one and add a drop of your favorite essential oil.

To prevent of dandruff and to remove already exist dandruff rinse after wash with solution of a hundred milliliters vinegar and four hundred milliliters lukewarm water. After you rinse hair wrap it with towel for half an hour




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