Women hairstyles that men like

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Every woman devote necessary time to make her hairstyle that is liked not only her but and from men. And these hairstyles are:

Straight released hairstyle

Straight hair shows good health of its holder-that is means that the lady takes care about her head and dietary. A partner with reasonable approach to herself health is perfect candidate to create family.

How to make it?

Before to dry the hair with hairdryer apply serum that contains silicon. Catch the hair and free one by one the locks of hair that you would dry. The air jet should be directed from top to down and a brush should be flat. Once complete the drying fix the hairstyle with spray with shiny effect.

Puff of breeze

This hairstyle is different from the previous only by that the hair lye straight like light wind breeze. The important here is hair to be shiny.

How to make it?

Allow on not very wet hair a cream that gives smooth. Dry the hair with round brush as start from bellow. The hair locks around face is good to be swirl as they stand exactly as it is necessary. When the hair dry, spray it with a thermal spray and pass the locks with press to make hair smooth. As finishing allow the shine serum on end of the hair.

Brilliant negligence

Most attractive this hairstyle looks short bob. Strong broken lines emphasize the cheekbones and eyes.

How to make it

Apply on damp hair spray for shine. Separate the hair on two parts and dry with round brush. Then curve the edge to outside.


Bad girl

This style are used Hilary Duff , Fergie  and Pink. Slightly rise of collect to back lock add shine to each face, and collected hair on back of the neck gives seductive look of neck and shoulder.

How to make it

Comb the hair straight back from forehead. Provisional boundaries of these locks have become lines silently passed from the middle of the eyebrows vertically. Collect combed locks in a ponytail, although it does not let it go back – highly secure so that it stands magnificently. Other locks of hair turn casual bun and spray with spray, then release.

Asymmetric ponytail

This hairstyle is suitable for ladies with any type of face exactly because of its asymmetric and because you can be sure that yours defects imaginary or real will leave invisible.

How to make it

Apply on wet hair gel-building. Dry with hairdryer as flat to this side where you will make the ponytail. On that way you will make the hairstyle more stable. Collect the hair in ponytail less bellow the ear line and secure with elastic without tightening strong.



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