Winter care for hair

Image:© malyugin / Fotolia

Care for hair in different months of the year is different because each season has its own specification. What care should be applied for hair in winter to protect it from cold air and wind?

From cold in general suffer the ends of the hair and scalp. Therefore, it is necessary to nourish and protect with necessary for this purpose hair cosmetics. It is good to use at least twice a mask to nourish hair in winter, unlike summer.

While summer hat protects hair from the harmful rays of the sun in winter it is more harmful than helpful. The scalp can not breathe and hair becomes lifeless and limp.

The shampoos and conditioners in winter period should be with recovery action unlike summers that are with protective action of the sun.  Moreover you need  and  masks that not only restore hair and to  nourish the scalp. And not just hair masks but and oils and lotions, sprays and more.

Hair is healthy when the body is healthy. So you should take vitamin A, E and D that strengthen and reinforce the hair, skin and nails.


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