What color to choose for hair?

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What color will choose for your hair depend of many factors. To choose exactly your color is not so easy because with the color we choose and our image. And how do jokes and tossing men for blondes, for example. We all know at least dozens.

There are some rules in choice of hair color that should follow to avoid of many mistakes.

In any case, whether you choose a cardinal change in appearance with resistant paint or will be confined only to toning is necessary to stick to a few simple rules when choosing a color.

First rule

There are a little that look well with raven black color- generally it gives ages. And for ladies with light skin it is just contraindicated-too bright contrast highlights all the flaws of the skin. However, if your skin is swarthy and eyes are dark – why not to try it. But it is best to stopped of warm shades of dark brown and auburn tones.

Second rule

White and ashes color does not look the same in very bright and very dark skin. In the first case, you risk to appear yourselves as impersonal and plain, and in the second – risk to experience the power of contrast.

Third rule
Bright and intense colors should be selected, and based on the color of eyes – beautiful and harmonious will look hot shade. If you have gray or blue eyes, we advise you to stop on the cold part of the color wheel.

Fourth rule

In the selection of color is necessary to take into account age – the more mature the woman, the worse it look bright gaudy colors. In this case it is more appropriate to choose natural shades.

And last but not least rule is that a new color should like you and makes you feel comfortable in this image.


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