To protect the hair from the sun in summer

Image:© Alena Ozerova / Fotolia

The sun in summer months is so helpful as and harmful. The sun rays seriously can harmful the hair if it is not well protected. For example it can be dry, lose color, increase bloom at the ends of hair.

If some of these facts exist, then returning the luster and strength will cost you a lot of effort. But you will save the cares if you follow a few easy and simple tips.

-          On the beach or by the pool wear a hat. Colored or straw it will bring you not only summer feeling but and protect the hair of summer rays.

-          Avoid out of the sun in the hottest hours – between 10 and 15 hours. If it is unavoidable, then again trust the hat as a precaution.
Protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun.

-          Going to the beach, together with cream for body with sun protection factor put in a bag and cosmetic for hair with UV protection. The variety is great. Different companies offer lotions, foam, shampoo, conditioners or spray.

-          After each going out of the water apply not only on body but and on hair cosmetics against sun rays.

-          It is good before the holidays to visit your hairdresser to cut flowering tops of the hair. Ask and nourishing mask.


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