To protect hair of dandruff in spring

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Appearing of the dandruff in spring and that is obtained of deficient amount of oxygen and not to skin problems. It is appear as a result of wearing hats, dry air in premises and work in closed premise from morning to evening which reduces the oxygen. The hormonal problems also cause dandruff as stress and fatigue.

Eating too many carbohydrates can be expressed in dandruff. Dandruff is caused by a bacterium that lives on the scalp.

Too much of this type of microorganisms leads to the process of skin renewal is accelerated and constant drop dead skin flakes.
Dandruff attack in the spring

Cells fall before the end of its life cycle. They fail completely dehydrated and stick as like that form unsightly dandruff. Dandruff is two types – oily and dry.

The oily dandruff is dangerous because the scalp is inflames, hair bulbs die, and this can lead to hair loss. Dry dandruff hair brings to exhaustion and it looks broken and unsupported.

Sometimes dandruff is confused with overly dry skin of head and some skin diseases. Sore, red or too sensitive scalp is still not a reason to believe that you have dandruff.

But if your shoulder is covered with white dust two days after last wash with shampoo and you have a feeling of intolerable itching that is mean you suffer of dry dandruff.

If two days after you wash hair it is becomes oily and after more two days your shoulders are covered with dandruff you suffer of its oily form. Use medicated shampoos for dandruff.

To help your hair, forget the dryer for a while. In spring, when in need of vitamins and minerals may befall you hair loss.

This has nothing to do with real hair loss, but you have to react immediately. Eat best food, eat more vegetables, fruit and fish and massage your scalp.

This improves blood circulation and will not only improve the density of your hair and it will make it more shiny. In colder months, the blood vessels of the scalp shrinks and sebaceous glands work like crazy.

As a result, your hair looks like you have not washed it at least two weeks. Often this is guilty and the absence of vitamins. Emphasize intake of vitamin A and vitamin C.


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