The proper hairdryer for our hair

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To give a complete look of a hairstyle are necessary and different tools. Most difficult is to choose the hairdryer. It is necessary to have a mind a type of your hair- dry or fatty, weak of dyeing and perm, prone to breakage and split ends, and her length.

Drying and styling with hot air of hairdryer have as benefits as and flaws. Quickly dry of hair is a possibility for  the shortest time to make a hairstyle which is a big benefit. But over drying of hair and accumulation of static electricity are undoubted disadvantages.

To reduce to minimum the negative influences of hot flow should take in mind several things:

What power to choose

Hairdryers have a different power from 200 W  to 2000 W and professional – to 2500 W. For those that have got short and dry hair or very thin and quick dry is proper not so powerful hairdryer in range 400 to 800 W. The owners of long, thick and heavy hair is necessary to choose more powerful hairdryer from 800 to 1200 W. More powerful hairdryers can over dry the hair and scalp and to lead to breaking and appear of dandruff.

What   hairdryer is suitable for you
Usually with the dryer are available and several different accessories – cylinder with narrow edge (concentrator), from which air go out to directed air stream to dry hair on individual strands.
Cylinder with an extension that has multiple holes (diffuser) in which the air passes into small streams and do not damage thin or damaged hair.

The choice of dryer with several speeds

It is recommended to choose a dryer with several speeds of passing air and several stages of temperature. The newest models have a possibility to pass cold and hot air which is very important for forming hairstyle- hot air makes hair elastic, obedient, and cold air fixing the hairstyle. Some models have implant ionizer as departing ions have a negative charge and neutralize the positive charge and take off static of the hair and makes hair soft and easy to be forming.


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