The most fashion hairstyle- the ponytail is and easiest hairstyle

Image:© yuriyzhuravov/ Fotolia

In home conditions you can make without many time and efforts the easiest and in the same time more popular hairstyle namely ponytail.

For this purpose are necessary only comb/ brush for hair and rubber band, and here’s how to get the best fashion style for this season.

Star actress, who attended the award ceremony of the “Golden Globe” showed the most modern style. This was precisely the ponytail that is unpretentious, but artfully done, emphasizes femininity in a stunning and sexy way.

Ponytail required only to have got long hair or at least medium length. Comb the hair well and simple tie according to your desire may be lower or higher. The tail can be smooth as straighten with a press in advance so there is no loose hair. The second option is after you tie the hair, gently to squeeze the hair in casual curls that will add softness and romance to your style.


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