Summer offers for a new vision

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Summer is the season of experiments so be brave to change your vision to better. Many girls are left hair to grow which is at the moment to their waist and they are pity to do whatever with it. Is not it a little bit strange to know somebody for 5 years and never, never have been seen him with any different haircut? It is not strange, it is awful!

Girls be braver! Hair is growing and how much short to cut it you can find the best shape for you. If you already ready for some change-small or big, here are our 5 offers for hairstyles that every woman should try.

French Bob hairstyle

Retro and stylish, Bob hairstyle has been always classic. In current variant it undergoes all sorts of variations. If you do not like the standard lengths, do something different. Let your Bob hairstyle be very asymmetric. Locks should be short on one side of the head and on other side to be long. The possibilities for diversity are big.

Long sliced hair

Of course long hair is stand very beautifully. There have some delicate things that will make you real star. Because of too weight of long hair the volume disappear and your hairstyle sensitive to subsidence. Therefore it is better to be strong fillet. But choose a hairdresser who really deserves to not be your hairstyle of thick shorten clumps and with ethereal look.

Thick equal bangs

That is ideal solution for girls with big forehead. Thick equal bangs look stylish and sexy and it is very topical. That is why do not hesitate and try this hairstyle.

Disobedient waves

Constantly complain that your hair is not straight or curly? Stop to treat it with hammers and pulling it down. Leave her freedom. You can use styling products to make ripples more visible.


These hairs can not be put in any frames. Straightening is very hard and damage hair so it is not recommendable. And also do not make a Bob hairstyle. It is better to make on layers to receive more volume and for real to have uncontrollable curls.


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