Straight and smooth hair with a new technology Brazilian Keratin Treatment

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Women now can  relax and have always perfect hairstyle with new technology for hair straightening, Brazilian keratin hair straightening.
Unlike other tools that professional salon procedure does not change the structure of the hair, allowing you to continue to look different. Along with that hair becomes helpless and  shaping time is reduced significantly, and the hair is always second to none.
Brazilian hair straightening has received this name because of the incoming composition unique Brazilian plants, which in combination with the main component of the formula – keratin – strengthen and repair hair structure.
Moreover, the composition of this straightening tool includes elements that provide active thermal protection and protecting it from harmful UV rays.
The procedure is considered friendly and absolutely safe. It is suitable for regular use and can be applied to painted, light and even severely damaged hair.
Brazilian keratin straightening (Brazilian Keratin Treatment) is a rehabilitation technology for hair care with the effect of long standing, after the application of which it becomes smooth, shiny and strong for four months.
As is clear from the name, plays a major role keratin – a protein rich in cysteine, an amino acid that is responsible for the condition of hair and nails.
Our hair of 88% is made up of keratin. For a call for Brazilian straightening is extracted keratin extract the wave of New Zealand sheep that inhabit one of the cleanest places on the planet. Coupled with an animal is not causing any harm, because each spring shear their wool when they are happy to get rid of it.
The External wave special patented keratin molecule stores all its useful properties when it was human hair deeply penetrates the hair cuticle, filling vacant gaps sealed and it turns out there under the influence of heat treatment.
Similar treatment of hair brings preventive nature, as for a certain period after being applied protects hair from UV rays, smog, cigarette smoke and other negative externalities. Brazilian straightening relief and reconstruction of damaged hair after bleaching, perming and chemical long stay at sea.
Stages of keratin straightening
Cleaning – using a special shampoo for intensive cleaning of hair, it is cleaned of dust, excess fat deposits and styling tools. This is done in order to be most susceptible to hair impact of keratin molecules.
Modeling – the entire length of the hair (except for 1 cm of the scalp) is applied uniformly, keratin protein composition that hairdressers selected according to the type of hair. It is not wash with water and dried with a hairdryer and a large brush.
Straightening – at this stage is using classic press that is heated to a temperature of 230 degrees  and is straightening   each strand of hair. In this keratin, which is soaked hair protects from thermal damage and protein under the influence of heat shrink, thereby eliminating flakes and prevents hair crimping hair.


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