Straight and irresistible hair

Image: © Victoria Andreas / Fotolia

The straight hair is left as fashion trend and this season. This effect can be achieve from every woman but with help of some basic rules for dealing with the hair. If you have not used press in home conditions till now there is nothing complicated. Of course if your hair is too curly it will take you more time because you should to separate  locks by locks.
For the beginning wash the hair and apply foam. After that dry with hairdryer and separate it into layers .It is recommended to begin always from bellow to top. Begin the straightening from roots of hair as smooth go to the end and hold the hair under 90 degrees. So you will give volume to hairstyle. As finishing touch use cosmetic that will give to hair shine.
If you are very good in straightening we propose to try this variant. Straighten the hair first with brush and hairdryer as aspire to pull on back. After that to complete and sleek the hair well use a press as again aspire the hair to go back. This hairstyle is suitable for evening party and for every day.
Main rules for straightening the hair.
Does not matter whether you hair is curly or straight, the most important condition is to be healthy. If you often straightening you hair with hairdryer or press, never miss to use thermo protect cosmetic.
Do not save money in buying the press. When choosing one always consult with the shop assistance for the best and friendly press.


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