Spring care for healthy hair

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After long and cold winter the hair is very damaged and weak therefore are necessary special cares for it. This is obtained by cold winds and sudden drops in temperature outside and inside the premises. And of course, almost all winter wear a hat because of her hair is shredded, no shine and volume. But all this is fixable if you follow a few simple rules to keep it in the spring.

The spring is time of revitalization when every girl dreams for changes. Begin these changes with a new hairstyle-after cold winter is recommended remove dry ends. Is not that wonderful reason to think to change our image, which you can choose with help of professional stylist?

The professionals recommended to renew hairstyle as cut the ends not more rarely by once in month if it short and once of three months if it is long.

Remember that condition of hair is reflecting of general condition of the body that needs of vitamins after the end of winter. Therefore it needs of healthy eating and large amounts of fruits and vegetables on the diet and from vitamin supplements to restore not only recover its position, but also the beauty of your hair. There are a bunch of vitamin complexes, which are designed specifically for the growth of hair and nails.

Do not forget about strengthen nourish of hair as pampered with special masks chosen according by all its characteristics and those of the scalp. Apply such masks at least once a week and you will quickly see a positive effect. Furthermore, use conditioner in every wash and during application of shampoo gently massage the scalp with your fingertips for 2-3 minutes – this increases blood flow to the skin and has a positive influence on hair growth.

For hair loss and breakage after the winter that are commonplace, pay close attention to the choice of comb.

Although there have modern presses and hairdryers have the latest embedded technologies that reduce the maximum risk of damage to the hair, and this spring should not ignore the special protective equipment styling. They protect weakened hair during the winter from the negative effects of high temperatures, stored and styled hair for long.


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