Short hairstyle

Image:© Lvnel / Fotolia

Short hairstyle is always modern and actual. Short hair can hide some defects of face as for this aim of course you should trust to proper stylist. Hollywood stars don`t care about long hair lately.

This year the stylish short hairstyles are made by incredible precision.They can verify to type of hair, haircut by shoulder level or ear.

Straight hair can look great in every length. Short hairstyle for people with curly hair looks better if they are in longer variant.

Very short length of this type hair can make to looks head as triangle. So everybody with curly hair is good to be evenly haircut.

Short hair can be elegant and fashion. Many famous have this type of hairstyle. As sample Marilyn Monroe. Hollywood icon never been with long hair.

Everybody have been seen a picture of asymmetric short hairstyles. They are not so popular as the ordinary short hairstyles.

Hairstyle is asymmetric when the edge of hair on one side of face is shorter or longer then the other side . The asymmetric can be done and when the hair on back of the neck is longer then the hair on left and right side .

At the moment is very popular for asymmetric hairstyle is smooth slope of the bangs from one side to the other.


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