Several advices about beautiful hair

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To be hair healthy and beautiful is necessary lots of care and of course it should be correct.

The curling irons

It is not recommended to use electric curling irons for winding.With its use hair just slowly dying.

The comb

You should never use metal combs: they break, electrified hair and oxidized. It is harmful to   brush up hairs immediately  after wash.

But what kind of brushes and combs there are and with which for brush long hair and which are for short hair?

To be your hair healthy, beautiful and shiny you must use a brush with natural hair or wooden comb. Brush the hair in several direction: in the beginning in direction of hair growing from up to down and then on opposite way like it raise it up.

The big flat brush with natural hair is appropriate for those that have long hair. It attaches at one time a lot of hair, and allows you to easily get a ponytail, bun, etc.. If you fix hairstyle with hairspray, do not spray the whole hair but only the basis.


Before washing dry and colored hair, you have to rinse it with a decoction of chamomile, nettle, birch leaves, mint / 2 tablespoons to 1 cup boiling water /.

The oily hair rinse with strong black tea or decoction of nettles.


To shine hair – in glass bottle with wide neck pour two fingers alcohol / 70 degrees / and 5 tablespoons rosemary. Close the well cap or stopper and solid tincture is allowed to stand for 15 days in the dark like shaking it every night. Once you get ready to use the lotion is applied to the scalp two times a week.

Against split ends – mixed one, if your hair is long, two egg yolks, one spoon brandy or strong brandy, one spoon olive. The obtained mixture is applied and has an effect even stand 15 minutes, but preferably at least half an hour.

For hair growth – castor oil + vitamin A + 1 tablespoon alcohol (no matter what) + 1 yolk. Dabbed on freshly washed hair, rubbed well into the base and dry. Allow to work 2 hours and then washed nice.

For very damaged hair – jojoba oil (it has in pharmacies) mixed with egg yolk and half an ampoule of vitamin E and vitamin A and one spoon of alcohol, no matter what. Put a plastic or a bath cap and towel over it (heat thus any mask is absorbed better). Stand for 1 hour and then wash hair well.



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