Nature gift for incredible hair

Image: © Beboy / Fotolia

The nature gives us many natural vegetable oils that make our hair looks by one unique way. They add volume, density, silky softness and a beautiful natural shine.

Mineral oils although that actively used by cosmetic industry do not contribute to an active benefit skin and hair, because in most cases they are just products of oil refining. As for difference of natural aggravate hair.

Almond oil

It obtained from the seeds of the sweet almond by pressing. For hair care this natural oil often use with oil of jojoba as both are mixed in equal quantity. Their combination is particularly effective in the treatment of the tear hair is – it is enough to regularly rubbed into the skin of a few drops of the mixture. It can put on and a base of the hair. The key is to not get carried away too much and not hog because the surplus oil in the hair no benefit.


Olive oil

Even in ancient times called olive oil liquid gold. When talking about hair maintenance with olive oil it is necessary to warm it on the water bath to body temperature and then apply it on the head. It is advisable to wrap it with a towel and let the oil to soak for half an hour to show its healing properties.
It was found that regular use olive oil helps restore hair bulbs.


Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil gives great results in treatment of hair loss. It strengthens hair bulbs, because it stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp. In addition, rosemary oil is effective in fighting dandruff. You only occasionally make a gentle massage on the surface of the head with his fingertips as rub it. Often include in composition of the shampoo and conditioner for hair. And its miraculous properties ascribed delay the process of graying hair.



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