How to Stop autumn hair loss

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With beginning of autumn there is observed the phenomenon autumnal hair loss. The environment contributes to damage hair in the autumn season. Dry air in the premises is depriving it of moisture. Deficiencies of vitamins and colds take away from the body much salt, which negatively affects the health and beauty of your hair.

To rescue your hair from hair loss accentuate on healing and moisturizing hair masks. To revive your hair look for nourishing conditioners and shampoos containing natural moisturizers – as algae, aloe vera and other…. Hair care is complemented by intensive nourishing mask with minerals, vitamins and natural ingredients such as avocado, glycerin, jojoba, etc.. They act in depth. It is necessary to apply once a week. For any reason in the autumn do not go on the street with wet hair. She will also hurt if through the season winding it too often with hot tongs. It dries hair. Do not use plastic comb and brush with natural hair and do your regular head massage.

Do not overdo it with styling tools. Under the influence of rain and humidity, plenty of gel or spray, put the hair, it becomes dirty look.

How to stop autumn hair loss?

Experts do recommend wearing winter hats to protect your hair in the coldest days. In cool weather the blood vessels of the head shrink slowing the microcirculation of blood and hair bulbs do not eat enough. The hat keeps normal circulation, so it must not be tight and possibly made of natural materials.

For health and beauty of your hair is important nutrition. Include in your diet enough of meat. Proteins contained herein are the hair structure.

Useful foods for hair are also walnuts and fatty fish. Include in your diet rich in zinc seafood, combined with the adoption of two liters of water daily.


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