How does properly color our hair


Who does not love the changes? Women always want to look attractive and unique.

Brunets- dark nuance of the hair gives more shine and in the same time discrete emphasize natural beauty.

The brunets are lucky and for that in dark paints have got more natural ingredients, do not provoke allergic reactions and do not burn the scalp of the head. As a result, it is not obvious that you colored your hair also has natural healthy look and shine.

How to prepare for painting? Apply the paint on dry unwashed hair. This will bring less damages to hair. If you have spray, gel or foam you must wash down them. Otherwise, the color is not equal and the paint will not work in already treated areas.

If you brush up the hair well you will remove the excess fatty, dust and all dirt of the hair that prevent an action of paint. If your hair is very dirty, you can wash it once, trying not to treat your scalp to not violate its natural protection.


Redheads – copper and red tones are the undisputed favorite for autumnal season this year. Those of you who have decided on this step will not be wrong if you trust the delicate shades of amber. Moreover, this color perfectly highlights eye color and is in harmony with the natural skin tone.

How to prepare for painting? As with other paint and red shades do not make great exceptions. The paint is applied to unwashed hair, and if you do not want your scalp to be painted apply conditioner. This will prevent irritation and staining of the scalp.

After preparing the paint you should immediately apply it. Otherwise the color intensity decreases.

If in the process of painting accidentally soiling your face skin, immediately clean it with soap and water. Stir the paint, thus will saturate it with more oxygen and it would be equally applied to the hair will absorb better.

When you bleach your hair, treat this area that needs more. Temples, the end of the hair and forehead is painted last, because there is a hair thinner and paint is absorbed faster.
Rules for dyeing hair.

When hair colored in deep red tones, the first paint can be applied only to the ends of the hair, starting 2 cm after the base. In cases where only maintain the red color shades, you can paint the first base and 5-10 minutes before applying paint to wash down the rest of the hair. In this way, the color will be equal.

Blondes – blonde tones are fashionable every season. The only problem with this color is the loss of brilliance. The reason lies in the separation of hair over which form invisible flakes. Thus the light can not be reflected. Do not worry for this problem and there is a cure and it is in the right cosmetics.

When painting it is important to strictly follow the time to stand with the paint. Do not make any experiments and do not assume that if you spend 5 minutes more will become more blond.

The only thing you can achieve is to burn your hair and damaging it severely. Average time for painting should not be less than 25 to 35 minutes and more than 45 to 55 minutes. Select carefully paint. Try to use dyes are not filled with chemicals.


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