Hair like silk

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Hair is a natural jewel for every woman. To be always in good condition, hair needs special care depending on its structure. Sometimes the hair get to medium length and it seem it does not want to grow more. If you are wondering how to make hair thick and heavy, as they say “as live”, try the following ideas:

1. Begin like rich your diet with foods wealth of vitamins and minerals. Unlikely to achieve healthy and beautiful hair only as buy shampoo and conditioner, even the most expensive on the market. It is best to your diet is balanced and it can participate foods containing antioxidants. This will prevent the lack of nutrients in the body, which leads to growth retardation and hair thinning hair and even hair loss. Healthy eating will help the entire body and good tone, and the result will be shiny and thick hair.

2. Use homemade masks for thin and weak hair . So naturally will strengthen the hair from root to top and allow it to grow on length .

3.If you dye your hair, prefer paints that are on natural base. That will prevent break and damage of hair and increase quality and length of hair locks.

4.Try to reduce the stress as it is possible. Relax and absence of tension will allow the systems in your body to function in the best way, that will strengthen your hair and it will grow normally.

5. Protect you hair of the sun. This is the thing that many women ignore, even and women that regularly use sun protect cream for body. If you care by the same way for your hair you will avoid tearing the hair from the root and damage of the scalp. Definitely you will see the difference in strength and length of the hair.

6. Be gentle in care for hair. Do not brush hair with force, do not stretch, avoid tight hairstyles and aggressive hair products. If you are gentle with your hair, you will be able to “cultivate” new and prevent damage to your current hair.

7. Take care of a good blood supply to the scalp. It’s easy – massage your head with your fingers or with a special massager for scalp. Massagers are affordable, and will help you relax while increasing blood circulation of the scalp. The downside is that little tickle. Good blood flow to the scalp has the same effect as to  manure garden – your hair will quickly grow healthy and strong.


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