Hair color shared secrets

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As hair and the color of your hair speak about  you. As neat straight hair rather suggests that it is organized The owner or business type, so casual wear curls message cheerful personality tends perhaps to a certain adventurism. But hair color can greatly change the message of the hair – of course, blonde, red, black or auburn curls give very different signals.
Let us understand in greater detail message of hair color:

Red hair

Redheads are perceived as fun, women with opinions and attractive, such as Kate Winslet in Titanic. The word associated with red is passion.

On the other hand, redheads may also be perceived as ugly – with freckles, fine, curly orange hair and pale eyelashes.

Both stereotype of redheads are: irresistibly beautiful or unattractive.

Red hair cam make skin to look more beautiful, claim specialist but you should be careful with thin line between red and orange and gold and brass.

Red is the color that is hardest to perceive of hair. If you decide to dye you hair in red, request a vivid red hue. The most beautiful shining red hairs have got dark and light nuances.

Black hair

The ladies with black hair are perceived with exotic, strange, persistent and mysterious.

That what is necessary to black hair is stunning skin. Think about follow anthology: In shops where sells diamonds jeweler shows a diamond on black cloth, this will show all worth of stone… or its defects. If a woman dye her hair in black this will show each imperfection of her face. As the black hair can looks dry like with wax you should use a products that will dive a shine.

Have a mind that black hair on pale white skin create an effect “ Snow White “- that can be attractive for someone but too naïve as radiation for others.

Brown hair

Brunettes are perceived as responsible, good girls.

That what is necessary to look your hair beautiful are different shades in locks. Brunettes can look boring if their hair is monochrome. It is not because the brown is boring color- it is boring if it is in one nuance.

To move the hair can try with unusual hairstyle. You can try to make curls.

According to the experts as many nuances have your hair as more natural will look it. The trick is that each of these nuances to “talk” with your natural color, not in discord with it.

Blond hair

Blonds often are perceived as sex bombs. As the color is difficult for maintenance woman that take an efforts for that can be perceived as vain and “ expensive“.

The stereotype blonds can be perceived as looking for entertainment flirt has a priority for searching partners.

The first thing of what you hair need is confident of her owner. To be blond is like to be on high hills and require special attitude, claim the experts. They explain that with the fact that human eye is attract of light nuances which is mean that if you are blond you will attract more attention.

Light tones as honey-blond just can turn the heads to you. Try even more light – platinum-blond is real magnet.


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