Hair and the sun

Image: © Subbotina Anna/ Fotolia

Beautiful and healthy hair is the jewel of every woman. Have you, however, to get your hair medium length and you think it does not want to grow more. If you are wondering how to make your hair thick, heavy and “alive”, see a few tips:

-  Be gentle when caring for your hair. Do not comb your hair with strength. Do not stretch. Avoid tight hairstyles and aggressive hair products.

If you are gentle with your hair, you will be able to “cultivate” it and to prevent future damages. Buy a wooden comb or brush with natural hair.

Take care of a good blood supply of the scalp. You can do this by massaging your head with your fingers or with a special massage for the scalp.
Protect your hair from the sun.

The massagers are affordable, and will help you relax while increasing blood circulation in the scalp. Good blood flow to the scalp has the same effect as if nourish for garden – your hair will quickly grow healthy and strong.

- If you dye your hair, prefer the paints that are a natural basis. That will prevent breakage and damage to the hair. At the same time, improve the quality and length of your hair.
Try to reduce the stress as much as possible. Relaxation and the lack of tension will allow systems of your body to function in the best way, which would strengthen the hair and it will grow normally.

Protect your hair from the sun. Many women ignore this. Sun can help picking up the hair from the base and damage of the scalp


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