Hair and lemon

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Every woman wants to have got healthy and beautiful hair. But to achieve such effect there are necessary a lots of cares. A part of shampoo contains surface active substances that remove dirt and fatty but worsen the condition of the scalp and hair.

In help in this case comes the lemon, which is rich of vitamins and has bioactive substances that are good for hair.

The easiest way to use lemon for beauty hair is to rinse your hair with the juice of this fruit. For this purpose mix juice of one lemon with one liter of water.
Rinse hair with this mixture after shampoo. Lemon will neutralize the effects of some harmful ingredients in shampoos.
Hair Care with Lemon
Lemon water will return your hair shine and softness. Thin dull hair can regain its beauty and pampering with lemon masks.

Squeeze the juice from an onion that you previously chopped, mix with one egg yolk, add one tablespoon of lemon juice and as much shampoo, two tablespoons of honey and mix to a thick foam.

Apply the mixture on washed wet hair, cover your head with plastic and wrap with  towel. Allow two hours to work and wash your hair.

If your hair is oily easily, every day clean it of dust and grease, making it solve a dense brush and wash it before, always smeared with fresh lemon juice.

Oily damaged hair can become beautiful again using a mask with honey and lemon. Mix one teaspoon honey with one teaspoon of lemon juice, one egg yolk and two teaspoons of decoction of leaves of Aloe.

Decoction is added last, it must be completely cold. Rub the mixture into your hair before washing thirty minutes, wrap in plastic and thick cloth. After washing the hair with shampoo, rinse with a decoction of yellow tutsan.

Dry damaged hair turn to great if you regularly indulge with compress of slightly warmed in a water bath of olive oil, mixed with an equal amount of lemon juice. The mixture is applied to wet hair, wrap with plastic and a towel and then is washed after three hours.


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