For brilliance and radiant hair

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To have got brilliance of hair it is very important to use appropriate products.

How to choose a shampoo for your type of hair?

If your hair is thin choose shampoo with wheat proteins and polymers. These components form the outer coating of hair, make it thicker. The same effect can be achieved with products volume.

If your hair is normal emphasize texture of cosmetics containing silk amino acids that will add shine to your hair. Amino acids make hair soft and restore its structure. An important strength of the hair and the ingredient is lecithin.

If you hair is thick and rough, treat them with good moisturizers.

Advises for brilliant hair:

-          Use a shampoo that is activated  only with hot water ;

-          Use a conditioner at list once a week

-          Avoid frequent use of cosmetics for the skin as it contains chemicals can damage your hair;

-          If you hair is red or brown add some drops of apple vinegar to water with which to wash;

How to make our hair to shine?

-Masks made by strawberries also make hair very shiny. Mash eight strawberries and mix with one tablespoon mayonnaise. Wet the hair and apply the mixture. Put shower caps and wrap the hair with a towel. After 20 minutes rinse with shampoo and add conditioner;

- If you have light hair add some tablespoon lemon juice to water that will use to rinse;

Add one tablespoon honey in vessel with four bowls hot water. Once you finished with the shampoo and rinse pour honey water your on hair and leave to dry.




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