Fashion hairstyles for coming spring

Image: © gromovataya / Fotolia

There is nothing new at all in hairstyles for this spring. There are only new ways to wear your ponytail (low and wide), braid your braid ( try a crisscross direction), slick your part and tie a knot( tight). So whether you’re pinning your hair up into a twist, pulling it into a bun, or wrapping into a ponytail, there’s something to be said for not making things too tidy. A little casual coolness goes a long way this season.

Hairstylists took inspiration from nineties grunge backstage, giving hair a tousled effect that suggested the hair wasn’t really “done” at all,but left loose and flowing with a natural bend. In reality, creating the look does require some effort. Apply volumizing foam to damp hair and rough-dried with your fingers, scrunching up the ends before twisting strands into a bun and misting with aerosol hair powder for texture. After hair had set release the bun and sprayed with more powder for a “cool-girl” look that is sexy and “uncomplicated“.

“Wet hair “ trend from last spring is back. Hair is slicked down into graphic center and side parts around the crown or dewy strands are raked into a shiny French twist.You can also make abound glossy “goddess” waves.

Long hair looks much more elegant when swept over one shoulder. To anchor your mane to one side, twist back a section of hair behind your ear and secure with pins before misting with hairspray.

The modern ponytail is defined by two factors: it was positioned low, hovering just at or below the nape, and ironed straight, which beautifully emphasized the length of the tail. From there, variations came into play- wide hair band held strands in place, a black ribbon provided an elegant touch, strands were pulled forward to form a round silhouette that framed the face or locks were subtly tucked behind the ears. As for which style you think is most chic, take your pick.

Hair accessories this spring are inspired by everything from blossoming flowers to sporty bands to beekeeper`s headpieces, for when you want to just slip something on and make a statement.

Look to the gorgeous printed scarves tied around the head, which give your off-duty look a chic spin.


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