Care for hair in warm summer season

Image: © Victoria Andreas / Fotolia

Summer is now in full swing. Through this season wet, chloride and ultraviolet rays are real evil for hair. To keep you hair healthy and shiny in hot season especially if it dyed ( be careful blonds), wash with shampoo immediately after go out of the basin. So you will not give a chance of chloride to change a nuance of your hair. Then apply nourishing and hydrating mask. If you like to stand in water- “dress“ the hair in advance with moisturizing lotion before to put a swimming cap.


To bounce your curls as “live“ apply gel before make a hairstyle. So you will not only save shape of the curls but they will stay shiny and soft through the day. And to maintenance them in real good condition, make a mask every week.

Before leaving the house spread cream on colored hair to protect the color, otherwise it will lose color even faster because of the sun. Do not forget to take care for dry ends of your hair caused by sunlight that damages follicles. How does it work? Again with a special cream before you leave home. However, not all at once put on her hair, alternate them.

Oily hair remains a problem in summer. Usually in this case does a good job dry shampoo as absorb grease from scalp. Thus, the roots will remain dry.


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