Care for hair – facts and myths

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To have got a beautiful and healthy hair is not easy task. And for that there has many claims yes and no about that accompany proper care for hair.

Do you brush the hair every evening before go to bed because you are confident that is useful? Do you think that is necessary to cut the edges often to grow faster? Do you believe in magical power of cold water?

Now we clarify which of these cares are truly effective and which are just myths.

The hair grow faster if it is cut often

The truth: Hair is growing with 1-1.5 cm for a month regardless of that how often haircut it. In the summer hair growing a little faster and that is not related with regular visit of hairdresser and it is depend of increased level of hormones that accelerate the growth. But regular haircut at least necessary for other reason and it is to prevent of hacking edges.

The stress causes a hair loss

The truth: In fact hair is falling every day- daily we lost from 50 to 120 hairs but in period of strong stress for example when we going through strong emotional disappointment or suffering from serious illness, the fall actually is increasing. Also hair loss can appear during pregnancy or when taking antibiotics. But after removal of stress conditions on the body all returns to normal.

To save health of the hair should be washed often with shampoo.

The truth: This can be truth but not all specialists are agree with that. If you have an oily hair or you use regularly styling tools that contain wax, once a week use a special clearing shampoo to wash the hair of remains of resources and fats.

To thin hair is impossible to give volume.

The truth: If you wind even the most straight and thin hair on big thermal rolls for five minutes you will receive the dreamed volume.

If pour with cold water the hair will be shine more.

The truth: Cold water help to wake up but in any way affects the shine and health of hair.

The paint is extremely harmful for hair

The truth: The current means for dye as ordinary and professional combine effectiveness and care so they do not damage the hair. Even more some of the paint contains conditioners, strengthen the hair adding them shine and silk softness. But when you dye for first time it is good to consult with professionals.





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