Care for curly hair

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To care for curly hair well, then the funds used solely for its treatment must be tailored to its specificity.
Choosing the right shampoo
The shampoo is needed to select specifically for the prevention of damage and according by the type of hair. Often the hair in base of roots is oily and dry at the ends.
The main importance of shampoos for dry hair is to remove drying and add shine.
It would be even better if the shampoo has more natural products than chemical. Before you buy shampoo again note the composition because it is very well contain jojoba and lotus extract and coconut. These components are based on the elimination of drying and making natural looking hair.
If your hair is very  weak and damaged is recommended in the shampoo have content nettles that will help soon recover and strengthen.
You can easily give up from shampoos for volume. First, when you wash your head, it will be difficult to master your curls, and second, they destroy particles of your hair, making it more vulnerable to bad weather.
Using conditioner
After washing the hair is necessary to use a special conditioner. It helps hair to become softer. Gives glow and after combing it does not require much effort.
When buying a conditioner do not forget to read the back of the product. If on the bottle is written hair conditioner, then that is mean that your hair will dry faster.
Conditioners with washing are needed to give luster to this process serve lemon or lactic acid, and completely  wash of shampoo.
You can also choose conditioner for colored hair. When you color your hair it damage hair, and together with this pigment and the color of your hair.
Drying and styling
You should pay special attention for drying hair. It is best to soak the hair with a towel and wait for it to dry herself. In some cases, you can use a hair dryer, but remember that warm air further damage.
For curly most appropriate is comb rare teeth. In shaping curly hair should less to use a comb because of its use will explode.
Each hair is breaking, so in a few months you should go to the hairdresser.
To obtain beautiful curls, it is best to use your hands not a brush. When dry, massage your hair at the roots to give volume and using the fingers tighten them as you like and then let it dry. Then you can use foam.


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